Problems with Ex-Girlfriends

One problem many men have found with ex-girlfriends is, if they want one back it is very hard to do.

It would usually be far easier to get a new girlfriend than get an old one back as they know all your pick up lines, your little whimsical sayings and jokes and will not be fooled with promises that you never kept the last time. Still it is possible to do but it will not be easy.

First we’ll go through the things you shouldn’t do. The very first thing you must do is be sure that you want that girl back and that isn’t just a lack of female company you miss. If it is just female company you miss, go out and find a new girlfriend as that will be easier. So you’ve decided that this is the girl for you and so you are prepared to do anything to get her back.

Although you may be prepared to do anything to win her back, there are two things you definitely must not do and that is beg or threaten. If you beg or threaten or, in fact if you threaten to do anything to yourself, you will never win her back for good.

Okay she may come back at first but it would only be because she pitied you are had sympathy for you, perhaps she was even afraid for herself or you but she wouldn’t have come back for love as she would have lost all respect for you as a man.

To girls pets may look cute when they beg but men certainly do not. If you hope for the new relationship to last, she will have to come back to you for other reasons than pity or sympathy. One other thing that many man do which is a mistake, is bring up the old times.

Although there may have been some times when you were good together, bringing-up the past may also bring to her mind some of the not so good times and therefore work against your interests. So knowing what not to do, let us now look at what you need to do to win the girl back.

First of course you are almost certainly going to have to apologize, even if you are not quite sure it is you are apologizing for.

You will then have to show her you have changed; not just tell but show her some way in which you have changed. Instead of talking about the past, talk about the future and all the good times you could have, if you were back together.

Often a couple break up because the girl thinks the romance has gone and so that is probably what you need to reintroduce.

Suggest a candle lit dinner or perhaps a quite weekend away in the country where you can be alone to discuss what all you could do together if just she would take you back. If you do win her over, remember you want her back for the long term and so keep up the romance.

If all of your efforts do appear to be in vain, and you discover it is time to move on. Then do understand that there are services local to you that can help. You could always search for top dating services near me to find options in your area.

Either way we wish you the very best of luck!