How to Court an Ex

It certainly isn’t unusual for a man to want and get an ex-girlfriend back but as any of them that have done so will tell you, it is no easy task and in fact most of them say it would probably have been easier to get a new girlfriend than it was winning their ex back.

Obviously in order for them to go through the trials and tribulations involved in winning back an old girlfriend, they thought it was worth it. Many of us at one time or another may have wished we could have gotten back an old flame but failed miserably in our attempts.

Apparently the reason why we probably failed is because we went winning them back in the wrong way. Although begging and threatening may seem like a good idea at the time, if we did that there is little wonder that we failed as those are the two worse things we could have done.

Even though these tactics are commonly employed by men wanting their exes back, if they have any success at all that success is short liven as the women will have only returned due to feelings of pity or fear, neither of which last and so the girl soon leaves again.

Another common mistake made by many men is that they remind the girl of their past together, mentioning all the good times they shared and whilst, to me, this still sounds a reasonable thing to do, the experts say differently.

According to the experts, although mentioning the good times will bring memories of those good times back, all too often they also bring back memories to the girl of the bad times you spent together. This means that all three of these methods of getting an old girlfriend back are doomed to failure from the start and that is why most of us failed.
The ones that did succeed in gaining back their old girlfriends apparently employed different methods, methods which included apologizing and only talking of the future they could have together, ignoring the past.

It is also thought that in many of the successes, an element of romance was also introduced, perhaps a candle-lit dinner for two or a weekend away in some remote cottage or hotel where they could take peaceful walks in the woods or along an empty beach.

Of course there may even have been some that went even further, taking their exes to places like Paris where romance is always in the air or to Venice for a quiet romantic boat ride on a gondola along one of the many canals.

One thing that is certain though, is it will take more than just a phone call to win back an ex and so if you are considering trying, before you do, first be certain that the ex is the girl for you and no substitute will do. We may not feel like we will get over her but in time all of us do.