Ex-Girlfriends are Hard to Win Back

Possibly the hardest girl to get are the ones you have had before, an ex-girlfriend. It isn’t everyone or all the time that a man wants an ex back but when they do, they will have to work hard to achieve getting her back. She will already know your best pick-up lines and be immune to them.

She will also know many of your bad habits and so you must be able to make her look past those or perhaps even change some of them if necessary.

One of the biggest problems is they may know that once they become your girlfriend, you show less interest in them, taking them for granted and so that is something you should remember if you do succeed in winning them back.

Often a girl may think that the romance went from the relationship and so you should be prepared, not just to be romantic whilst winning her back, but to keep a trace of romance in the following renewed relationship.

Especially if you hadn’t been romantic in the previous relationship you had with her, what can work well is offering to take them for a romantic candlelit dinner or to the countryside for a picnic with just the two of you.

Never bring up the past no matter how many good times you may have had as, recent studies have shown that this just results in them also remembering the bad times, the times that made them want to break up with you the first time.

Progress by talking of the future, a future that is bright with the two of you together, perhaps speak of romantic weekends away, perhaps even to the capital of romance, Paris.

Although she may at first be skeptical, if you really want her back, you will find a way of convincing her that you are serious and want the relationship to be romantic as much as she does.

In the course of doing all this though, there are three things that you must never do and those are beg, threaten or talk of the past. Women do not like to see men beg, pets yes but not men.

When a woman sees that a man has to resort to begging in order to get something they want, the woman loses respect for that man and so any hope of a lasting relationship will immediately be lost, even if it did initially work.

The same can be said for the use of threats either to her or to yourself. Threats may work at first and win her back but it will only be through feelings of pity or fear and so any relationship based on either of those is already doomed to failure.

As mentioned earlier, the past is to be avoided in conversation as it may bring up memories of bad times as well as good and those bad times may out do the good in her mind as after all, she did finish with you once already.

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